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WHRK Neoprene Hangers For Furnaces & Air Handlers – Kit

九线拉王怎么能赢钱whrk neoprene hangers are an inexpensive but effective method of reducing noise and minor vibration transmission for furnaces or air handlers.

whrk neoprene rubber hanger kits come packaged with 4 whr hangers and installation instructions.

Neoprene Furnace or Air Handler Hanger

Product Testing & Information

WHRK Hangers
Type & Size Max Load Rated Deflection Color Mark
WHRK-40 240 lbs 0.20″ Green
WHRK-50 380 lbs 0.20″ Red
WHRK-60 620 lbs 0.20″ White
WHRK-70 880 lbs 0.20″ Yellow